June 27, 2016

About Us

Who we are

A team that loves to create

Stylab is a Sidlab Haircouture salon. What does that mean? Excellence! Sidlab products are designed by stylists and are meant to be used in a prescriptive way, cocktailing them together to come up with the perfect blend of their amazing shampoos, conditioners and styling products for each individual. The other benefits of Sidlab products are that all of the harmful additives in most hair products have not been used making our products pH balanced. Combine all of that with our salons formulaic approach to fine tune and tailor a style that suits your needs based on your hair type, texture, density, face shape and lifestyle. The mixture of product and the talent of our staff is nothing less than incredible!

The Vision

Behind the salon

Owned and operated by the passionate and charismatic Mara Hutchins (a.k.a. the hair whisperer). Stylab has exactly what you need for an exhilarating hair experience. Mara’s enthusiasm for hair artistry and extraordinary drive, led her through many avenues in the hair industry. From freelance stylist to platform artist, student to instructor. Come take advantage of her well-honed craft by coming to see Mara herself or one of her hand- selected and talented stylists. As the owner of Sidlab Haircouture and Stylab Salon she is out to prove that she loves your hair.