June 27, 2016


Please Understand

The prices listed are begining prices and will vary depending on your hair and the stylist!!!


All hair sculpting includes shampoo and blowout. Our trained stylists will assist you with a new style, cut to suit you and your life style.

Your stylist may use a combination of both wet and dry cutting. Wet cutting providing the timeless lines of your haircut for the appropriate hair type, while dry cutting uses freehand techniques to produce a seamless combination of shape, texture and style, providing you with a well structured haircut.

As well as our stylists helping you with advise for your new haircut, it is always a great Idea to bring pictures, books or other ideas of different styles you desire, as a picture paints a 1000 words.

Cutting Menu

Fringe or neck trim - $15

Children’s Haircuts start at $25

Men’s Haircuts start at $35

Women’s Haircut start at $40

Mara’s Signature Cut Collection starts at $65



During our color consultations, our talented staff will advise you on your color services with some of the finest quality products used. Why not try some new color effects with one of our varied techniques such as; full head lightening, fashion colors, balayage, Ombré, or just a few accent highlights/lowlights?

Our reputation for producing beautiful blondes, and rich, deep colors are due to the fact that we only use the highest quality professional lighteners and conditioning, prismatic browns and reds that stay true and pure, resisting brassiness. Our colorists will be able to assist you with the right color choice for you, and your 'formula' for your specific lifestyle. Whether it be a complete color change, one of our many options for fashion colors, highlighting, or shine and reflect with our beautiful award winning color system.

Our color choice is extremely generous over all ranges of the professional hair coloring spectrum; from sheer demi and semi permanents, to solid, full coverage permanent color with dense color pigmentation.

We know that there may come a time when you step outside of our salon and try something new and different. Whether you let a friend try her handiwork over a bottle of wine, or found out the true meaning of 'value savings' from another salon, don't dismay! We are very skilled at fixing those moments of spontaneity. Our number one goal is the integrity of your hair, and wont push it to the limit. With our free color correction consultation, we will thoroughly evaluate the current condition and color of your hair, your desired level, and let you know what that would involve before starting any services.


Eyebrow Tinting is $20

All over single process color/retouch starts at $75

All over double process color starts at $190

Partial highlights (1-20 foils, one color) start at $65

Full highlights (21-60 foils, one color) start at $115

Ombré (one color) starts at $130

Balayage two color starts at $180


Corrective color

Pricing will be determined upon consultation, as many different variables must be considered. (Type of products used last, health of hair, desired goal of end result) To fully fix, multiple visits may be required.

Starting price is $95/hour

Styling and Texture Services

Whether you are going out on your first date, or a more formal occasion we can help!

Our talented staff loves to play with hair and will make you look great for whatever occasion.

Temporary styles too more permanents options, such as perms and straighteners, are available. We offer every extreme on the scale of smooth and shiny, beachy waves, to enhancing your current/natural curl pattern with larger, softer curls. Bone structure and natural direction of hair growth are all taken into consideration for each rod placement.  For those of you that are not interested in your curl, semi permanent smoothing keratin treatment reduces natural curl by up to 50%, and untamed frizz by up to 85%. We have a more permanent straightening solution with Japanese iStraight. This services offers conditioning and gentle process for a permanent, flat-ironed appearance. If you are an indecisive personality, perhaps trying one of these textures on a very temporary basis by taking advantage of our hot tool methods of straightening, and curling.


Blow out is $35

Conditioning treatment is $30

All over temporary curls start at $55

Perms/body waves start at $145

Japanese iStraight starts at $500

Brazilian Gloss Keratin Treatment starts at $250



Lets face it, hair grows where we often don’t want it. That doesn’t mean it has to stay there!!! Let us take care of that unwanted hair and clean up the strays. Eyebrow design is based on the facial bone structure of each client.

Waxing Menu

Eyebrows - $22

Lip - $15

Eyebrow and Lip - $30

Neck - $25

Chin - $15

Full face - $60



Don't see a service on the list? ask us we probably offer it but haven't added it to the menu yet. 


All service prices vary depending on hair length, density, the amount of product needed and any additional colors used. Price will be determined during consultation.